Introductory to book

I created this book to keep track of my son’s food intake and to monitor his blood sugar levels and carbohydrate ratio per unit of insulin. This book has helped my son to learn what foods he can and cannot eat. The tracking helps detect minor mistakes of portions measured wrong, etc., by putting notes in the book for future reference. When your child’s sugar level go too high or too low, the notes can easily be referenced to find the cause. My son puts his book in his backpack and takes it with him everywhere he goes.

I have also included other great advice and lists that will help you begin your journey to help the one you love manage their diabetes. This book is just to get you started at how to look at diabetes and keep track of it. I suggest for you to keep researching on your own to find out more about Diabetes; developmental research is continually discovering new information all the time.

Remember everyone is different; trial and error will take place when determining what your child can or cannot eat. This book helps you start with some great information and a guide for tracking. Now it is up to you to use this information, along with other information you learn on your journey, by getting your child’s diabetes under control.

It is my prayer that this book will help many children get their diabetes under control.

God bless all of you.