Our Mission

Diabetic Resource LLC. is a new business that is designed to team up with other diabetic foundations to help connect with and campaign on behalf of every person affected by or at risk of Type 1 diabetes.

By teaming up with other diabetic foundations, we provide information in the hopes of managing diabetics’ conditions effectively through educating the uneducated of this terrible disease.

Type 1 diabetic children need more care to stay alive. They have to eat more than normal children and they need to eat good full course meals with low carbohydrates. Organic food is the best for your child. It eliminates chemicals intake that can cause sugar spikes and health problems. Organic food is so expensive that most people cannot afford it in the quantity your child needs.

When your Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic child is going through puberty they eat more or if they have a growth spurt they eat more. They cannot contain their hunger pangs like most people. When they are hungry they are hungry, when their blood sugar goes too low they have to eat more or they may die. If there blood sugar goes too high they get really bad hunger pangs. What do you do if you have no food for your child who needs food to bring their blood sugar up or the right kind of food for what their sugar levels need?

I was in the position that a lot of you may be struggling with today. As a single mother not having enough money to feed my son with good organic foods and vitamins, I was scared at times!! Remember your child is special and needs special care. So I would like, with the help of you, to take that fear away from parents in need of organic food and vitamins for their Type 1 diabetic child. I pray for everyone that is in the situation I have faced.

If parents can afford to feed their child healthy, the diabetics’ problems will not be so hard to deal with and it will be one less worry for the families. If they eat healthier and you know the proper foods to feed your child, the child will learn from experience of how to take care of themselves properly and to be a healthier person.

This business will be an extra avenue for help when those in this situation don’t have enough.

The goal of Diabetic Resource LLC. is to raise money that will help families in need of organic foods and vitamins for their child in need. The following are the avenues of collecting proceeds for this cause:

Diabetic Resource LLC. is sponsoring a new book to help type 1 diabetic children. This book will help the beginner diabetics and their families start their journey on controlling their diabetes and staying healthier. The book is titled “A Mothers Love – Type 1 Diabetic Three Month Daily Diary.” Ten percent of every book we sell will be added to the funds.

10% of all proceeds from  other items sold on this site will be added to the funds.

The initial plan is to provide vitamins for the Type 1 diabetic children at this time. As the funds grow, the food program will be established.
Please Join Diabetic Resource LLC. today to help these at risk children get healthier.


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