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Product Description


Splashberry Flavor
Delivers 25 important nutrients in just one tablet a day

60 Chewable Tablets
Why should children use multivitamins?
Because diet may not be enough
Many children don’t eat as well as we’d like them to, and have nutritional gaps in their diets. Multivitamins can help fill those gaps. In fact, multivitamin supplementation has been demonstrated to significantly improve children’s health status and school performance.*
Why choose Sea Buddies™ Daily Multiple?
Sea Buddies provides nutrients young minds and bodies need:*
Sea Buddies™ Daily Multiple delivers 25 important nutrients that your child age 2 to 12 needs every day for energy and essential nutrition, in a base of natural antioxidant fruit extracts.*
Great tasting chewable tablets, with less sugar
The delicious Splashberry and Tropical Splash flavors have even been approved by kids! However, parents will love the fact that these flavorful chewable tablets have the least sugar of any leading brands.