Type 1  diabetes is a disorder of the immune system were it attacks the beta cells that makes it difficult to produce insulin. Excess sugar builds up in the blood stream and may eventually cause severe damage to liver, heart, vision, feet, and organs and premature death. Type 1 diabetes is generally diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults.

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  1. This Website is wonderful. I cannot wait to help type 1 diabetics.

  2. I look forward to helping type 1 diabetics

  3. Hello! diabeticdailydiary.com Good to get!
    Tell me how to display materials and the right to be?
    Thanks for the useful and respket portal!

    • Thank you for your message.
      We usually have a contact page that you would feel out and then We would get back with you. On contact page there is a message area, Just leave message.

      We see it is not showing for some reason on the web sight. Sorry we will get that fixed soon.
      Thank you for your interest.

      Thank You,
      Diabetic Resource LLC.

      • Contact page is back in service. Thank you

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